Having an explainer video on your landing page is the latest trend. You probably also have seen many websites having explainer videos on their landing pages. Whether you call them explainer videos, animated videos or corporate videos they all serve the same purpose of explaining your product/services and help you stand out from the competition.

Once you have decided to have an explainer video, the next important question is: Which style of animation to be used?

While many people realize that their sales could be improved by an Animated Explainer Video. They remain confused of exactly which style they should use. Whether you are a startup, small or medium sized business or a big company it’s crucial to determine the best style for your product/service. Each style appeals to a different kind of audience and has its own pros and cons. Choosing the right kind of style depends on the idea you are trying to express, the budget, the target audience and the platform. If you are considering making an explainer video then you must have a thorough understanding of various styles and what each of them does.

Let’s talk about the most popular styles of explainer videos with great examples of each to help you choose the best option for your marketing plan:

2D Animated Video: This one is the most popular and broadly used technique. It blends both character and scenes that are created in 2D space. This type of video is represented in the form of a story where characters are facing a big problem which they can’t solve and from here your product/service comes into the picture-saving them!

With this style you can go for a more fun, adventurous concept. These videos have great results because they capture the attention of people of all ages and are emotion-evoking.

Here’s a video example of this type created by us:

Whiteboard Video: Whiteboard Videos are one of the best ways to teach anyone anything. As the name suggests, in this style you will see the hand of an illustrator drawing image after image on a clean whiteboard explaining the whole concept. As the content is drawn in front of the viewer’s eye, these videos are super engaging. They are typically descriptive, to the point and works well for a wide variety of audiences.
Recommended for diving a bit deeper into a product, service or a process explanation.

Here’s an example of a whiteboard animation video we did for a client:

Motion Graphics Video: A motion graphics video features animated graphic elements that are in constant movement thereby explaining a complex message. They often provide facts and accurate data in simplified format. These videos offer engaging styles for businesses and are sure to get the point across.

The best part of motion graphics videos is that you can visualize almost everything using these videos. Thus, they even have the capability to transform an abstract concept into a clear visual idea.
This style is recommended for explaining and clarifying a rather complicated product/service.

Check out this motion graphics video we did for our dear client:

Mixed: All of the above mentioned styles can be used in conjunction with each other for greater effect. With this, we can get the best of each style.

Here is an example of combination of 2D style with motion graphics:

explainer-video train, in order to take the advantage of its popularity.

A well directed video can be the best thing in order to nab your audience’s attention and start really converting. The key to well-directed video is to stay true to your brand identity and have a killer video that will be darling to the viewers.

I hope now you have a great overview of different types of explainer videos. All of these types have their own place in storytelling. So, start analyzing the best one for your product/service and see your conversions reach sky!

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If you are still unable to choose the right style for you, you can reach our experts!