How Businesses Can Nurture Leads With Video


Video is one of the most fruitful ways to drive sales for marketers. According to Aberdeen Group, 67% of businesses use videos to create brand awareness, 60% use videos to drive conversions, and 53% use them to nurture leads. For big brands & startups, explainer videos are a creative way to grow their businesses. In fact, good videos can be used in each stage of the buyer’s journey. Keep reading to know the four excellent types of video that can help an organization in nurturing leads.

  1. Explainer Videos

Statistics show that 65% of people make a purchase shortly after seeing a video. If you’re not using them to capture leads, you are missing a big opportunity! The primary purpose of your explainer video is to increase your sales, leads, & conversions. Animated Explainer Videos are yet another great way to attract and engage a large number of web visitors. They clarify why your product is the best choice among all the options in the market and how your business can be beneficial to your customers. A 3D animation video, whiteboard video, & motion graphics makes the content even more attractive, appealing, and memorable.

  1. Testimonial & Case Study Videos

A testimonial video reassures your leads that you are the best. Even It is much more convincing than a simple written or quoted testimonial. With great testimonial videos, you can demonstrate the company’s values by showcasing good examples to add credibility to your brand and to stand out apart from this competitive world.

Similarly, you can create a case study video of your company that you link in your emails to show how your business has helped other clients to accomplish their goals. 

  1. Educational Videos-

A video content that aims to teach, train, and educate your leads on a specific topic is also a good alternative to drive sales. Educational videos by prominent video production agencies help you stand out from your competitors as a thought leader and a reference in your niche. And trust me, you will be gaining a good brand image as you’re providing solutions to your buyer’s problems. 

  1. Product Demo Video

A product demo is useful mainly for B2B products & services, it is another great way to show what your product can do and how it can relieve customer’s pain-points.Business marketers can create demos for every feature of the product or service to simplify and explain its advantage in the minds of their customers and users. Once they see your product in action, leads are more likely to sign up. You can even add your contact form right at the end of your product demo video.

We hope this article encourages you to use videos to grow your business. If you need help in creating videos, see our portfolio, then contact us! We have been helping small, medium, and large businesses in promoting their brand, we do all types of animations, complete with sound and animated characters or whiteboard videos.