Latest Trends in Explainer Video Marketing


The use of video in the marketing industry has been around for a long time. Bulova was the first brand ever to telecast a TV commercial on a billboard of a baseball game in the year 1941. With digital advancements, businesses are now able to reach & engage with their customers in new ways.

New trends are replacing older ones, businesses have started adding explainer videos to attract a large number of audience in a simple and fun way. And people have started buying products & services after watching videos. Let us highlight some of the latest trends of animated explainer video-


People love a good story these days. They are increasingly used in explainer videos with the primary purpose of clarifying concepts and product features. In fact, if the/a story is compelling enough for a visitor, he/she will watch it from beginning to end. Yes, you heard it right! An explainer video that tells a human story is likely to get more engagement.

Augmented Reality

AR is another trend of explainer videos. AR is nothing but an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the real-world footage is elevated by computer-generated graphics. Augmented Reality videos alter one’s perception of the real world and gives the viewer a unique experience about business services. This real-world technology adds an interesting dimension to explainer videos. By 2020, the global market for VR & AR is estimated to reach $22.4 billion (USD) and the emerging markets of IT industry, health care industry, and other industrial sectors are using VR & AR to aid customers.


Search Engine Optimization is ever evolving. This year, for explainer video companies, this would be an additional practice. By keeping SEO in mind, you can make content accessible to all viewers and can even improve the ranking of your content on major search engines. Studies have shown that an optimized video on any your pages increases the chances of you landing on the first page of Google by 53 times!

So, which trends are you going to adopt in your video marketing strategy?

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