Video Marketing or Visual Marketing is the hottest marketing strategy at this moment and it is here to stay and flourish even more with time. Digital marketers around the globe have realized its significance in creating brand awareness and high audience outreach owing to its immense success in the last few years.

Video Marketing in the recent years

2015 proved to be a major kick-off for video creation and consumption when it comes to marketing. With Facebook claiming 8 billion videos being displayed per day to Snapchat with 6 billion video views on chat daily, the numbers keep multiplying.

Not only is the volume of videos in the last year overwhelming, but 2015 has also witnessed the rise of novel ways of creating visual experience for the viewers, be it through Facebook’s Profile Videos or Youtube’s VR 360 player.

These trends suggest a more engaging and immersive world of online videos by the year 2019. For digital marketers and video creators alike, it makes way for new opportunities to display their creativity and a high ROI for their clients.

Source: SocialMediatoday

Upcoming trends in Video Marketing

1.  Live-Stream Interaction

One of the most popular examples of Live-Streaming for Interactive Audience engagement are Facebook Mentions and Google Hangout! We see a number of brands, be it celebrities , ministers or CEOs come online for a QnA session or keeping their image relevant and trending within their target audience.

2.  Video Tracking

It is fairly expected that marketers will likely determine their ROI on video campaigns on newer platforms. They are also likely to leverage data from mobile only apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

3.  B2B Video Selling and “Micro Demos”

Consumers have always leaned towards sellers who can challenge them to think and also educate them as trusted mentors. Tech savvy sales rep are moving towards using mobiles and webcams to convey greetings or follow up messages. With increased reliance on ‘smart technology’, users demand in depth but short bursts of tutorial videos on products.

4.  Real-time Personalization

Just as with Email Marketing, Video content will be seen to be delivered custom-tailored to the consumer. This is bound to increase customer engagement as long as the videos are no longer than 3 or 4 mins and a compelling call to action.

5.  Video Integration on company websites

The time is more about creating a memorable visual experience that lasts longer than an average attention span of the user. Integrating videos on company homepages as customer testimonials, animated explainer videos or even background videos create a visual memory for the viewer that is more likely to be shared around and talked about.

Video marketing is highly promising; that is evident from the statistics from previous years. As we sail through the first quarter of 2016, digital marketers must invest their resources in these five trends.

From Live stream social to branded video content, to personalization and enhanced visual rich experience, video marketing will be a key component of the successful marketer’s 2016 strategy