A brand name is all that a new business wants to earn. In the face of an ever-fierce market competition, no new business can afford paying no attention to its digital marketing. Your target audience might remember you for the quality of your offerings but branding exercises become of utmost importance to give your business a competitive edge. Content marketing is the lifeblood of any new business and explainer videos or animated promotional videos constitute a key part of it. These videos help your target audience form a perception of your business as a brand and this leads to a stronger digital presence of your brand. With a simple and user-friendly approach, these videos easily engage a huge target audience in the digital arena. In this article, we decided to decode the way these work in building your digital audience.

1. Explainer video describes and defines your brand

An explainer video is a great means for your target audience to interact with your brand. How you decide to go about conveying your brand message using an explainer video creates a brand association for them. This helps explain and define your brand to your customers.

2. Video content helps build on your digital presence

Since search engine place high preference for videos over images or texts, it turns out that an original video of high quality with use of relevant SEO tactics can drastically improve digital presence of your business in terms of SERP ranking. A better visibility of your website can bring more website visits by a relevant audience, leading to an improved conversion rate.

3. Explainer videos can be shared on social media and go viral 

The videos delivering quality information in an interesting fashion are highly likely to be shared on social media. You can earn your business some popularity on social media by creating a couple of interesting explainer videos and sharing them on your business page. Making it more interactive and integrating all your social media interactions can help it go viral and get you noticed on these platforms.

4. The video gives your brand a voice of its own

A business creates a brand to communicate its message to the customers. The dynamic nature of video content makes this communication interesting. The customers easily relate with the human factor a video can add to a business website. With moving pictures, animation and graphics supported by an intriguing voice over, the customers get a clear idea what the business is all about and what it wishes to convey.

5. Explainer videos help you form a consistent brand image

While marketing your content on different digital platforms, forming a consistent brand is important for your business. The quality and consistency your explainer video reflects in terms of its look and tone helps build trust among your customers.

6. These invoke emotions in your customer for your brand

Unlike TV commercials, explainer videos convey the message to a specific audience and hold more of an informational value that any commercial aspect. However, like the TV commercials, explainer videos are able to invoke emotions in your customers. And when you’re able to invoke the required emotions apart from delivering information, it becomes easy for them to recall your brand.


A lot of efforts go into creating a strong brand association for your business among your customers. Great looking explainer videos having content or script of no value shall get your digital presence nowhere. A good idea can be to address to your customers’ problems with your product as a solution and to explain how it stands apart from the existing solutions. Introducing your audience to what they need is important part of online brand building practices.