Studies show that a website has ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before losing them forever. A video on the homepage helps keep visitors on the website. It also negates the need for them to read long chunks of static text that can be extremely off-putting.

Text on any website can only convey a limited sense of the company’s personality, whereas videos give an opportunity to show viewers exactly how the company looks, sounds and acts. They’re a good way to project the core values of any company. Videos reach to the visitors in a more personalized manner and let them get to know about the company.

Apart from the above mentioned obvious facts, Homepage Videos have proven to be beneficial for companies for many other reasons like:

  1. Improved Organic SEO and better Google results:

YouTube ranks #2 in search engines and that just show how popular videos are to Google. A much larger emphasis is given to better converting videos on the search engine, and thus having an introductory video for any company would help them on the SEO fronts. Videos are more likely to show up on the first page of a search result at Google, and having a thumbnail of a video snippet on the front page significantly improves a company’s organic search rankings.

  1. User Engagement:

Videos are a dynamic medium that uses motion to tell a story or make an impact in some way. Videos automatically grab attention and compel visitors to want to see and hear the entire story. Therefore, visitors will be induced to stay longer thus increasing the user engagement of the website. The impact of videos can be easily verified. A normal visitor will last an average of 8 minutes on any website but with the right script, attention of visitors can be maintained for at least 15 minutes.

  1. Increase Your Reach:

Just as reach can be increased by integrating blogs with social media networks, a Homepage Video can also maximize reach and how a company gets seen by its consumers or other businesses.  If the video is truly engaging and has strong calls to action, it will also result in increase in new visitors to the website.

  1. Experience a growth in sales conversions:

A Homepage Video grants you the ability to display a much better variety of product information and an easily digestible medium that can be used to display the product in its ‘real life’ setting. This might lead to growth in sales conversions for the brand as well.

  1. Stand out from the crowd:

A video helps businesses stand out from the crowd. Often, businesses get too bogged down on getting the right information on the website and include too much text and information that viewers find distracting and unappealing. With a business video there is a chance to portray a unique side and impress the viewers. If people like a video they trust the services and also share the video with their social circle – also helping increase potential customers and sales.

Now more than ever, the ability to attract, engage and bring visitors back to your website is critical to the success of any company. If you are looking for a creative way to get noticed and stand out from the competition, get in touch with us at https://onters.com/contact-us. We make customized homepage videos that can provide many benefits to your website and company.