Did you know? Customers who watch an explainer video are 85% more likely to purchase the product than those who don’t? Animated explainer videos are simple bites of product information that allow a consumer to make informed decisions without having to scroll through endless feature sheets. They are able to extract complex and wide-ranging ideas into a viewer-friendly package, allowing them to walk away with a better idea of what a company does and why its products or services are important. While these two approaches can be used together, explainer videos perform an essential function that branded video’s don’t. Explainer Videos use a simple story to convey why the business exists.

Research shows that businesses have only 8 seconds to capture attention with their landing pages. Within which they not only have to make sure that those 8 seconds are not wasted with load time, but also need content that engages people. But with Explainer Videos, not only are they great at getting customers to learn more about your business, but they’re also great at keeping attention with the help of a right script. Research also suggests that explainer video is watched on an average for about 2.7 minutes.

Explainer videos can be of various types depending on their goal: product promotion, tutorial, technical support, corporate video (a story about your company), training, interviews with customers, etc. But what explainer videos always have is a personal touch to the video that makes customers feel special.

Companies these days believe in going all out in terms of creating a niche for their product. It’s not about selling the product anymore; it’s about selling an idea! Explainer videos have proven to be extremely beneficial in selling a unique business idea. Some marketing experts also believe that Explainer Videos improve conversion rates up to 50%.

Explainer video brings an appearance of legitimacy and reliability that is vital for any company’s online persona. It shows your investment of time in explaining the company to the client and also suggests your investment of time in understanding the needs of the consumer and creating a product for it.

Explainer Videos are way catchier and innovative than simple videos. Explainer videos help you stand out amongst the crowd and have a much larger impact on the viewer than any other video. It also stays with people for a much longer time!

Explainer Videos are skilful, brilliant and also helps you excite your target audience!

Hence, Explainer Video is touted to be the best in explaining the advantages and services of any company, because the aim has always been to reach out to the perspective clients in any possible way and make them get attached to the company or the brand.