In this increasingly mobile-first world, brands are at pains to provide a faster experience and marketers have invested a great deal of interest in the loading time of web pages on mobile– because every drop out means your target audience didn’t stay long enough to view your wonderful advert.

So, when it comes to AMPs there are plenty of wins for companies, advertisers, and consumers.

What is AMP Project?

The AMP Project, promoted by Google in collaboration with Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and LinkedIn taps into open-sourced technical components which promote page loading speed in mobile devices with one primary goal; faster mobile websites.

But what advantages, exactly, AMP is offering? Here’s to look.

1. Speed

It comes as no surprise that one of the main benefits of website pages developed with AMP has page loading speed on mobile devices as fast as lightning. This speed aspect of AMP has made it so very popular amongst the Internet marketing fraternity. And day by day businesses are adopting it.

2. Mobile SEO

You are not likely to rank just because it’s Google’s AMP. But, with AMP, your pages will load quickly on mobile devices. That will not only give your users a better experience, but it will also give Google a justifiable reason to rank your site well in the SERPs.

3. Reduces Bounce Rate

The faster loading speed urges visitors to stick around longer and view more content, or it could be that because they’re higher-ranked results. Either way, using AMP could increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your site.

4. Maximize your ROI

AMPs are designed to be simple and fast – this means faster loading times. This allows site owners to stretch out their effort to a wider crowd by providing a decent user experience across mobile phones. A wider outreach should technically translate to higher conversion rates.

5. Competitive Element

Don’t forget that there’s a competition here as well. If your competitors are using AMPs consistently, and you aren’t, you may emerge as falling behind them.

Besides it is FREE too.

AMP pages are likely to do better in future. Research demonstrates that by 2020, 80% of all website traffic will be coming from mobile devices. Since people have no time with slow sites, having a mobile page that loads fast will be the way to go.