Where is Video Marketing Going in 2018 and Beyond? | Onters, USA Where is Video Marketing Going in 2018 and Beyond? | Onters, USA

Where is Video Marketing Going in 2018 and Beyond?

Where is Video Marketing Going in 2018 and Beyond?

Video Marketing has been here for quite some time. But it has gained an insane popularity in the past few years. Nowadays, it’s the medium for marketers looking to distribute content and increase engagement and more importantly, consumers. Because, consumers now expect content that’s on-demand, hyper-relevant and quick.

Here are some video stats

  • 70% of consumer shares a brand’s video.
  • 72% of businesses have improved their conversion rate.
  • 52% of consumers feel more confident in online purchase decisions after watching product videos.

We’ll continue to see investment from brands in live, ephemeral and localized content. Some of the trends we can expect from a video in the coming years are

Vertical video on the rise

“Vertical video” refers to any video that is played and formatted for the portrait layout. Snapchat was a pioneer in the vertical video initiative, trailed by Facebook and today, 94 percent of people hold their phone upright when capturing content on their smartphones. In this mobile world, vertical video rules and is only expected to keep growing.

Story Narration in micro-moments

Yes. Micro-moments. It’s not enough for brands to create only the best content. To stand out in a bulk of millions of stories, brands need to also tell stories in shorter increments, with bite-sized videos. Because we live in the era where the only thing matters the most and that is our time.

Geo-based video finding and sharing

Location is already starting to play a bigger role in how individuals find a video at events. With stronger location and metadata, marketers now have information to deliver, convey content that is substantially more significant.

As we can see Video Marketing is exploding right now and it’s no surprise that it is going to be the future. Businesses that are looking to stay updated and want to position themselves for success should embrace this future.

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