What Is An Explainer Video? How Long Should An Explainer Video Be? What Is An Explainer Video? How Long Should An Explainer Video Be?

What is an Explainer Video? How long should an Explainer Video be?

What Is An Explainer Video? How Long Should An Explainer Video Be?

What is an Explainer Video? How long should an Explainer Video be?

Explainer video

An Explainer Video serves to explain a business or convey its brand message, essentially, in a clear, concise and engaging manner. It is generally a brief animated video created using simple graphics and easy language in order to hold the viewers’ attention. Considering the short attention spans we humans are known to possess, explainer videos are intended to be short.

Arguably, there’s no better way to explain your ideas than to present them in the form of a simple and interesting animated video. Various researches confirm that video promotion is several times more effective than print or visual means of promotion. More than half the website visitors prefer to watch a video if available, before reading the text and they tend to remember videos better, too. In content marketing where doing more with less is a mandate, an explainer video can work wonders for any business. Being easier and faster to share, these videos add to the conversion rates and the SEO of a business website. A good explainer video can go a long way in advertising your offerings all around the world-wide-web in no time.

How long should it be?

An explainer video can typically range from a few seconds to a few minutes. From economic point of view, deciding an optimal length for your explainer video is critical. While deciding the length of the explainer video, the bottom-line is that the ultimate goal should neither be 100% viewer retention nor the virality. It should rather be achieving engagement from the target viewers of the business. Having said that, when considering what length best suits your animated explainer video, here’s all that matters:

  • The reason behind making it

First of all, ask yourself: what is your explainer video meant to explain? Depending upon whether it will serve as a teaser trailer or a product demo or will cater to certain training or educational purposes, its length may vary. So, for example, while a teaser trailer can be made as short as a one minute video and a product demo may require about two minutes explaining the requisite details of your offerings, a training or educational purpose video can get a lot lengthier.

  • Target viewers

In deciding the video length, the profile of the target viewers, including information such as their age, education level, lifestyle, economic status becomes critical. For example if you’re targeting the top level executives of various organizations, the shorter your video, the easier it would be to fit it in their busy schedules. Profiling your audience will give you an idea of the context too, whether they already have any exposure or knowledge of your product or everything needs to be explained from the scratch.

  • Context of the video

Before deciding the length of an explainer video, clear understanding is required in terms of the level of details to be included. This can be decided based on the target audience profile and their level of exposure to the product. If your product is entirely new, the video needs to explain the problem statement, in the first place. If our product solves an existing problem differently, it might need to highlight how it is better than the existing solutions.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for the length of an explainer video and it requires a combination of business acumen and technical know-how in order to create impressive explainer videos.

So, when created with a right approach towards explaining business-critical information to the target audience, explainer videos can add significant value to the business promotion of any organization. Contact us to benefit from our industry experience in creating cutting-edge explainer videos.

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  • On May 2, 2016
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