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Animated Videos and Digital Marketing Services for StartUps- Onters


Launching a startup requires lot of blood and sweat. Initially, you need to spread the word pretty fast and in decent way. You need to convey every conceptual information to the customers and to the VCs. The marketing approach you follow during the early stages of your startup might decide its success or failure.

In present digital marketing ecosystem, video is a great source of brand marketing, digital PR and promotion. You need to have a precise, well-thought-out script to present in a video, which will act as your elevator pitch as well as excellent medium to explain the whole concept to the investors.

We at Onters, help you to perform the research with you with a detailed set of questionnaire, in which we figure out the essence of your idea and help you to carve out tremendously well Animated explainer video.



Videos is always a great way to express the complicated concepts in simple way. Explainer video is a valuable tool for educational institutes and E-learning companies. Videos help complex lessons easier and accessible to viewers of all ages.

Scientifically people tend to recall the information much better if it is narrated in the form of stories. Stories make it easier to integrate with new ideas. Kids understand video and they do remember the stories, rhymes, concepts and basic elementary knowledge throughout the life.

Animated videos give a certain edge to the education industry and is essential for better outcome or the understanding.

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An animated explainer video can help you explain the products and services effectively. An engaging video would certainly tempt the customer to reach to the sales team and generate interest as well as increase conversions.

Product advertisement through explainer video can be catchy and deployed multiple times for marketing activities. Video is a powerful sales tool and along with a strategic script can really differentiate your product into the best in class or segment.

To represent as brand, companies use videos in email, generate sales or content marketing campaigns. Brands often find significant success in engaging consumers and built up digital PR.

Corporate Services- Onters

Corporate Video

When it comes to a solid corporate video strategy, you have to cover all of your ideas inside one shell. Just writing content on blogs and articles are not happening nowadays. Corporate video is itself a digital brochure representing the whole ideology of the company information for inside as well as for digital brand building both. You have to go above and beyond when it comes to writing a power packed script.

This means taking the message and spreading it in realistic way. One of the most important reasons why you need to incorporate amazing corporate video into your online campaign is Google loves video and it is pretty easy to share and ability to go viral. Promotion of animated video is again not hard either.

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