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A Business Promotion Solution Beyond Stereotypes


The current season of the business world is the uprising of startups that are coming up with ideas proven to be more of a solution to cater to problems worldwide. Well, they might cater to the problems by chalking out innovative and user-friendly solutions but the only drawback is that they do not take a step ahead to take a risk and rather play the safe way by working on the solutions that already has a strong existence in the global market. Most of these initiatives fail to make the mark because of faulty research and poor usage of marketing strategies that has become too predictable for an audience. There is always a profitable result for unconventional ideas and strategies which help in attaining the desired results for success in the future. Using the existing ideas for marketing such as the likes of social media marketing, marketing via SMS and email, typical media marketing via mediums like print etc. have already become a predictable and old school. No doubt these strategies will provide with good results especially when you are having a startup to run but what is the use of making an impression on the minds of people just like the other brands of the same field did. In other words, why add the name of your brand to the list that already has millions including the market leaders? Is it not a better option to make the brand you are associated with a remarkable name with a separate identity not confused with others? There is a state-of-the-art solution available apart from the elementary and conventional methods in the modern arena that goes by – Explainer Video.

The use of videos is a very effective way to engage audience since it not only conveys a message through moving images but also sound. It always provides with positive and successful results. Welcome to the world where there is an extensive rise of the need for explainer video promotional strategies. From the bunch of e-commerce portals to the authors of bestselling novels – all prefer to go beyond the stereotypes and opt for this prolific video marketing. If you are wondering why only the videos, then you need to know that videos have an unlimited space where you can implement your gigantic ideas. In other words, a total of 3 to 5-minute or sometimes even less duration of video can talk about your product or service in an extensive manner that no other medium could do. The other reasons that one goes ahead with video marketing are that they are not only intriguing but also time-friendly and persuasive enough.

The following points can just simply guide you through the procedure of making the Animated Explainer Videos a success in a way that your message is not only simplified but also is effective enough.

1. A Personal Touch: If you are willing to connect to the audience, you have to have a perception of personal touch. This can be done by using a voice artiste for your explainer videos. With an impactful voice, it is easy to a set of audience to connect. It enables a lasting impression on the minds of the listeners/viewers. The choice of the artiste depends on the nature of your product or service apart from the goals you have desired to achieve.

2. Use of animation and graphics: The video that you are willing to present in order to convey a certain message depends on the style you approach. With the use of visual stimulation, you can make your message look more interesting and worth pondering upon. In other words, animation and graphics are useful when it comes to explainer videos especially when you are indicating facts and statistics since video footage will be a difficult one to use for this.

3. Use a visual perspective: Your main focus should be on telling the story in the best possible visual way. If you take a step ahead and try to portray your feeling through the presenter regarding the product or service, it would work amazing for you because there is a difference between reading out a script and understanding for ways of improvisation.

4. The message should be related to the audience: The message you are willing to convey should be decodable enough for an audience once you encode it in your words. There has to be a relation between the audience and your message or else it will be difficult for translation on their part.

5. Short is good: If your explainer videos are more than 10 to 15 minutes, it is a major problem since the audience might just get bored and avoid watching them. Instead having a 60-second video would help you to grab the attention of the audience. The first 5-10 seconds can be used to gain the initial attention for the rest of 60 seconds.

6. It should be solution-oriented: The explainer videos as a part of your video marketing strategy should always aim at removing hindrances and problems from the society and the lives of your target audience. Once you point out the regular problems and the way you are planning to eradicate them, you will get the attention in one shot. The solution is the thing a customer looks for in every product and thus, if portrayed, will be a trump card for the marketing.

Now when you are talking about making the best videos, it is a need to do some good research so that the message going out to the audience is not an incorrect one duping them completely. The impact of these videos has to be everlasting so that impression once created does not fade away easily. However, the surveys that have been doing the rounds till date also vouch for the video marketing along with the set of advantages it brings along as a part of the many marketing techniques.

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  • On May 20, 2016
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