5 Reasons Your Business Needs An Explainer Video | Onters, NY, USA 5 Reasons Your Business Needs An Explainer Video | Onters, NY, USA

5 Reasons Your Business Needs An Explainer Video

5 Reasons Your Business Needs An Explainer Video

5 Reasons Your Business Needs An Explainer Video

Explainer Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools of 21st Century. They are the short online marketing animated videos with the goal of explaining a particular product/service. If smartly created, they can have great impressions on the minds of the viewers. They have seen explosive growth over the past few years. There are many reasons for this. Here I am pointing out the Top 5 reasons:

Easy to Understand

Compared to text explanations, explainer videos are much simpler and easier to understand. It lets you explain what your company’s product/services are all about and why they are important in long term. A video aims at telling a convincing story about why to apply, use or own a particular product/service in 60-120 seconds and 150-300 words. In addition to this, in a video, human voice portrays information, so viewers can better understand and relay information.

Increased Conversion Rates

Videos can easily explain the difficult data easily with the help of images, music and animation within a short span of time. Viewers are more likely to buy your product/service after watching an accompanying explainer video that delivers your idea powerfully. This way, videos help viewers turn into buyers or customers. For example, DROPBOX increased their conversion rates 10% by simply using an explainer video on their homepage. This 10% increase led to 10 million extra customers. Hence, Animated Explainer videos can be considered to be a SECRET CONVERSION TOOL.

Interesting and Engaging

Animated videos are fun to watch while being informative at the same time, so people find them interesting .A well crafted video has the capacity to give a fun and interesting spin to even the most boring of topics. Besides that, website visitors are more likely to stay 2 more minutes on your website if there is an interesting video and thus the engagement rate of the audience is increased.

Increased Google Rank

According to 2009 Forrester study “pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” Though this study is 7 yrs old but it states a fact that Google SERP’s prioritizes video results.

Furthermore, with the hectic schedule, today many people prefer to visit those sites with video so that they can understand easily and in less time and if the video is engaging enough to lock traffic on the website, Google ranking is likely to increase.

Ability to go Viral

Videos also boost shares on social media sites as they are easy to share. 90% of viewers are going to share the video with their friends and relatives if they found it interesting. With the advent of Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Twitter etc one can reach out to millions of users in matter of no time. Thus, video will not be confined to the website; instead they will get a wider reach through share button. This assures that a lot of people will understand your product/service and come back to you when they need more information or need your product/service.

In a nutshell, animated videos can behave like a backbone of your marketing plan, helping to catch up your intended prospects, capture the attention of your audience quickly, address their problems and make them take Call 2 Action all in just 60-120 seconds.

I guess the above mentioned reasons are enough why a business whether it be a startup or established marketers needs an animated explainer video.

I hope you find this blog useful 🙂

Do you know more benefits of Explainer Videos or have any questions regarding explainer video? Let me know in the comments. Our experts would be glad to guide you.

  • Posted by Garima Agrawal
  • On May 9, 2016
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